LEVA Level 1 - Forensic Video Analysis



Course Title LEVA Level 1 - Forensic Video Analysis Course
Date 8 - 12 October 2018 (5 Days)
Duration 5 Days
Venue Classroom 4-3
Lifelong Learning Institute
11 Eunos Road 8, #04-02
Singapore 408601
(Next to Paya Lebar MRT)
Class Time 8.30am to .5.30pm
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to Francis_Teo@pcs-security.com
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Course Overview

The increased use of digital video systems by the general public has made digital multimedia evidence (DME) a significant and integral part of modern criminal and civil investigations. Since there is no standard video recording system in use, the need for trained individuals who know how to properly recover this type of evidence has increased. Properly acquiring DME is crucial, as all other processes or use of the video is impacted by accuracy of the recovery.

This course introduces and provides a fundamental understanding of DME, introduces the types of systems likely to be encountered, discusses legal issues related to DME, and focuses on the proper recovery of DME. Level 1 prepares first responders such as officers, detectives, and crime scene investigators who may be responsible for collecting video evidence with the strong foundation needed for the correct recovery of the evidence along with methods for accurately disseminating information derived from the recovered video.

This class is also the first step for those students pursuing the Certified Forensic Video Technician (CFVT) or Certified Forensic Video Analysts (CFVA) certification and prepares the students for advanced classes in the field.

Credits & Certificates

LEVA will issue a certificate to each student who passes the course.
Completing this course is required before applying to the LEVA Level 2 course, “Digital Multimedia Evidence Processing.”

Successful completion of this basic level course satisfies a requirement toward LEVA’s Forensic Video Analyst and Technician certifications.

Only those students, who achieve a passing grade in the course, including the final exam, will receive a Certificate of Completion.  All others will receive a Certificate of Attendance.
Students must achieve a Certificate of Completion in lower level courses in order to be eligible to write a higher-level exam.

Essential Disclaimer

Graduates of the course receive a LEVA certificate indicating successful completion of the 40-hour curriculum. That certificate should NOT be interpreted as a certification of any type. Registering for any LEVA class indicates they fully understand they are not receiving any certification from this course alone and must refer to this training as LEVA's on their resume, CV or any discoverable document. This class is not conducted to officially endorse any product or service.

All information provided is correct at time of print and subject to change without notice.

For Enquiry

For enquiry or additional information regarding this course, please contact or

Francis Teo
LEVA Course Facilitator
(65) 6692 7027