Business Intelligence System

Our System is a specialized pre-processing engine that processes, stores and correlates bulk transactional data that are being generated by the myriad kinds of systems, networks and communication devices.

Highly compressed and voluminous transactional logs are loaded and correlated before it is stored into the data store where it can then be queried using 3rd party business intelligence tools or fed into other downstream systems where data mining and advanced downstream processing are performed outside of the system.

Besides providing standard reports and ad hoc query capabilities to the data analyst, the system also facilitates time-critical logs analysis in support of mission critical operations by providing real-time alerts via Short Message Service (SMS) for pre-configured events. In addition, we enable analysis of time-critical logs by allowing urgent transactional logs to be loaded, correlated and stored into the data store; ahead of other less critical transactional logs in order that data analysis can be performed in a rapid manner.