Data Protection & Encryption

Corporate data has always been a valuable asset to any organization. It could be customer information, business contracts, product designs and much more. As technology advances and storage becomes more affordable, more and more data is kept online for faster retrieval and analysis. Fallen into the wrong hands either through unauthorized access or accidental disclosure, this can cause serious harm or embarrassment to an organization or a government body.

Security measures must therefore be taken by organizations to protect their vital information and data against unauthorized access, whether malicious or accidental in order to safeguard their competitive advantage. 

One of the ways that data can be protected is through the use of data protection and encryption solutions.

PCS Security provides data protection expertise and offers a wide range of data protection and encryption solutions to suit the security needs of the customers.

Advanced Encryption Key Management Technology

Advanced encryption key management technology that employs an automated process to encrypt and secure confidential data.

This inherently allows an enterprise to monitor and assess their encrypted data usage and exercise immediate access revocation across their data intensive enterprise. It offers transparent data encryption software with real-time access control.