Unified Communication Services

To meet the present challenges of the regulatory enforcement work, the enforcement agency needs to take a holistic approach to unify the simultaneous live tracking, sharing, and communication of entities’ activities among its different sections and divisions for investigation purposes.

Unified Communication Services (UCS) is the platform built to address these requirements. It establishes a common, unified, and secure Command, Control and Communication collaborative platform within the agency’s Enterprise Architecture to enhance its operational effectiveness and efficiency.

UCS platform consists of 3 main functions, namely:
Real-time event entry and update function:
For the purpose of live situational updates, transcripts and movement records.

Messaging function:
For the purpose of Command, Control and Communications.

Event record export and report generation:
For purpose of report generation based on user specified filters on event records and message type that occurred during the process of an operation and which have been captured within the system.