System & Network Security

At PCS Security, we believe that every customer is unique and therefore every security solution that we put together will be catered specifically for the customer’s required environment. As no single security product is able to provide sufficient protection, the integration of various security products is necessary. PCS provides the expertise in helping our customers meet their security needs through careful selection of security products and technologies, giving our customers secure and reliable security solutions and peace of mind.

Therefore adequate protection must be provided to prevent malicious and unauthorized access to the system and corporate data

Data Diode Solution
A secure One-way connection solution that connects two networks; enabling reliable real-time information transfer in a Uni-directional mode only. It prevents data leakage of classified information and eliminates the threat of online cyber-attacks on your High Security systems.

Centralized Access Management of Privileged Users
Centralized Administration to control, contain, monitor and audit privileged user access. It manages administrator privileges across the IT infrastructure, controls and monitors access, records sessions and logs all activities of administrators, vendors and contractors.

Mutually Authenticated SSL
An End-to-end channel encryption module which uses SSL/TLS protocol for its channel encryption. It operates in the network level of the OSI stack to offer encryption. It has a Server and Client module and they can be configured to use with Smartcard. Network traffics to be protected have to be configured in a configuration file.