Automated Vehicle Plate Recognition

vehiclePCS Security has been delivering turn-key vehicle plate recognition solutions to our clients in the government as well as commercial sectors. These solutions are being effectively used at border crossings and at entrances to key building and installations as well as mobile usage on our roads and expressways.

The Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solution provides automated recognition of various types of license plates in different environment. A common requirement is to integrate vehicle plate recognition as part of a visitor management system and track vehicles entering and leaving the premises. Our integration solution consists of the Image Capturing, Recognition and ANPR Web Application modules.

vehicleThe Image Capturing and Recognition modules make use of high speed Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine together with low-light camera (IR optional) to achieve high accuracy results. This module captures both live streams and images to provide users real-time visibility.

The ANPR Web application module consists of the core business logic that can be flexibly integrated and customised to allow statistical analysis and information distribution. Hotlist number plates can also be configured to trigger alerts for various law enforcement and traffic management industry.

The information captured can be sent to the backend for storage and audit purpose. Unauthorized access to the information is prevented by encryption of the data so that privacy is strictly protected. Our ANPR solution has been successfully deployed in highways and terminals in both government projects as well as other commercial sectors.

PCS Security has the expertise to provide customisation and integration for applications that require vehicle plate recognition according to your requirements.