Fulfil security and
operational objectives
for our citizens and nation

We integrate and deliver effective, secure solutions to help our clients fulfil security and operational objectives for citizens and nation.



First data center in Singapore to be awarded 2 EPI facilities certifications

PCS Security has been awarded two certifications - the ISO 22327 and ANSI/TIA-942 standards. These certifications demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and excellence in our Data Center operations.
Conforming to these standards allows us continuous delivery to our Customers as we journey towards adoption and deployment of Cloud Technologies.
Congratulations to our Data Centre Facilities Management team who pulled of this feat!

PCS Security Strategic Partnership with HTX

We are pleased to announce we have signed the Strategic Partnership for Innovation (SPI) agreement with the HTX (Home Team Science & Technology Agency).

This is another significant step forward in our endeavour to contribute to Singapore’s homeland security through the development of innovative and effective technological solutions.

With the SPI agreement in place, we look forward to closer collaboration with HTX in trialling and experimenting cutting edge and game changing concepts in wide ranging areas that include machine intelligence and data analytics.